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Fractions are a math skill that is introduced in the 3rd grade.  It is a math concept that many kids struggle with mastering, but there are many ways that you can practice fractions at home in a fun and engaging way.  One way to really connect kids with learning about fractions is through technology.  There are many apps and websites that can grab the attention of young learners to allow them to practice these skills at home.

Fractions Apps

One popular app is Jungle Fractions.  In this app, kids can use the tutorial to learn about fractions, and play a variety of levels with unlimited number of problems.  They can learn how to name compare, add, multiply, and convert fractions.  What makes this app unique is that kids can also learn how to produce fractions since it includes a voice option.  This is something that parents may overlook that kids would actually need help on how to pronounce 2/5 (two-fifths).  Kids like the game-like interface that keeps score and allows for multiple users.

Virtual Manipulatives

ABCya.com has an online manipulatives set that can help children to compute fraction problems.  To use this at home, you could use your child’s textbook or other online resources to come up with fraction problems at their level.  It cou

ld just be recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication, or even comparison.  They can then use the online mantipulatives like they might use real manipulatives in the classroom.  They can see the various tiles and place them on the workspace to help them solve their problem.  It’s a great way to for kids to visualize their work without all of the mess and cleaning up of traditional maniuplatives.

What resources do you use at home to help your child practice fraction skills?

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