8 Fun Ways to Teach Number Words

One concept that children need to learn at a young age is to read their number words. This is so important not only in math (like in story problems) but also in real life. We see number words all around us every day so it is important for our children to be able to read them. Here are 8 fun ways to teach or review number words with your young children.

  1. Play Hopscotch – Draw a normal hopscotch grid on your driveway or sidewalk. Instead of writing numbers inside the boxes, write the number words. As your child plays, have them say each number word as they jump on it.
  2. Egg Carton Matching – The next time you finish all the eggs in a carton, save the carton. Write a number word in each section of the carton. Then have your child put the correct number of small objects into each section. You could use beans, beads, paperclips, small building blocks, toothpicks or any other small household item.
  3. Write in Playdough – Let your child use playdough and a toothpick to write the number words. Have them press the playdough flat and scratch the word into the playdough with the toothpick. Then they can ball up the playdough, reflatten it, and start on the next word.
  4. Swat! – Write the number words on small index cards or on a large piece of posterboard. When you say a number, your child should use a flyswatter to hit the correct number word as if they were swatting a fly.
  5. Color Writing – Let your child use a different color to write each number word. You could also have them write in bubble letters, with pens or markers, or in chalk outside.
  6. Go Fishing! – Write the number words on fish shaped papers. Attach a paper clip to the mouth part of each fish. Next tie a magnet to one end of a string and a stick to the other end to make a magnetic fishing pole. Let your child dangle the magnet over the fish until he “catches” one. Then have your child read the number word on the fish he caught.
  7. Number Blocks – Grab an old tumbling block tower game, and write the number words on different blocks. You should have enough blocks to write the words several times. Set up the game and play with your child. Every time someone pulls out a block with a number word on it, they must read the number word out loud.
  8. Cut and Paste – Give your child an old magazine or two to look through. Let them cut out the letters that make up each number word. They can then glue the letters onto a piece of paper in the right order for each word.

The more variety you use as you review the number words, the more those tricky words will stick in your child’s mind. Make it a goal to go over them frequently and using many different methods. What other fun ideas do you have for ways to review the number words?

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