Addition and Subtraction with Candy Corn

In our previous posts, we talked about how candy corn is a great medium and inspiration for practicing estimation and number representation. In this post, we will provide engaging activities for your children using candy corn and the math concepts of addition and subtraction.

Addition and Subtraction with Candy Corn

Similar to craft ideas in the post about number representation and place value, you can use construction paper to create the three-color elements of candy corn. However, to add a twist to incorporate addition and subtraction, you can write a number in the white part including the sign of the problem (+ or -) and another number in the orange part with an equal sign underneath (——–) and then the answer would then be in the yellow portion. You can have your child create several of these and then use them in a matching style game.

Utilizing the candy corn candies, you can create word problems, either verbally or written, where you can add and take away the candies to solve the problems. The harvest mix of the candy corn that includes the brown candies and pumpkin candies would be a fun way to add complexity to the problems that you create.

What other candy corn games can you think of that focus on addition and subtraction?

Check back later this week for our final post about candy corn math – a round up of a variety candy corn inspired math activities.

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