Angle Crafts & Games

Crafting is a great way to reinforce the skill of learning how to measure angle.  A few craft ideas can be found on this page, where child make their own protractor and angle strip.  Directions and materials are clearly provided.  Another great activity is to make different angles using supplies from home like Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, or even pretzel sticks, and then have your child identify and measure the various angles.

Angle Crafts & Games

Online games are also a great way to reinforce the skills learned for identifying and measuring angles.  Alien Angles, uses the mission of helping aliens to find their way back to “Planet Geometry” by estimating the measurements of angles.  If you estimate correctly, then you help to guide them home.  Here are additional games for practicing angle skills.

A fun paper-based game is called “Protractor Golf”. In this mini-golf game, your child must measure than angles to hit the golf ball into the hole in the fewest attempts possible.  The directions for the activity along with a video are provided in the link.

With all of these practice ideas, your child will learn to master measuring angles and find applications of the skill to make it relevant and important to them.

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Article by Laura VanHellemont

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