Back to School Review: Kindergarten

While parents may or may not be excited about school coming up soon, the fact remains that back to school is right around the corner.  This series will give you some easy ways to review math concepts with children of all ages.  For upcoming Kindergarteners, now is the time to make sure that your child is ready for the school year.  But what exactly should you be working on with your child?


Young children should be able to count at least to 10 although the higher they can count, they easier school will be.  You should also make sure that your child can count objects in a group.  Simply set out a number of small objects like toy cars or candies.  Your child ought to be able to correctly tell you how many objects are in the group most of the time.

Number Recognition

For a child to excel in Kindergarten, you want them to be able to recognize at least numbers 1-10.  You can easily test whether or not your child is capable of this by writing the numbers out of order on a piece of paper.  Point to a number and see if your child can tell you what number it is.  You could also take this a step further by helping your child learn the number words as well.

Number Concepts

There are some other simple number concepts to review with your child.  You will want to go over more and less by showing your child two groups of objects.  Then ask your child which group has more and which has less.  Do this several times with different group amounts to ensure your child understands this concept.  You can also go over the meaning behind adding and taking away.  Teach your child that adding is making a group bigger and taking away is making a group smaller.  Just helping your child understand these simple concepts will make their Kindergarten math year easier.

Take a few minutes over the next weeks to review some basic math concepts with your upcoming Kindergartener.  Knowing that your child is ready for Kindergarten math will set your mind at ease and help your child feel more confident as the new year starts! In the next post of this series, we will cover some ways to review with lower elementary students.

What other number concepts have you been working on with your Kindergartener?

Photo by:  Navy Hale Keiki School

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