Back to School Review: Lower Elementary

With the school year right around the corner, now is the time to start reviewing the math concepts your child learned last year.  If you spend some time reviewing now, your child won’t struggle as the school year begins.  For lower elementary students, you can quiz them on the following areas to make sure they are ready for the new year.

Basic Math Facts

One of the areas that children have the tendency to forget is their basic math facts. By 2nd and 3rd grade, children should have memorized their addition and subtraction facts.  So get out those flashcards and see how many facts your child gets correct.  Pull out the cards they miss and review those more often over the next few weeks.


In lower elementary, students have probably learned how to tell time to the hour, half hour, and 5 minute intervals. (3rd graders will have covered time to the minute as well.)  At different times throughout the day, have your child tell you what time it is by reading an analog clock (not a digital clock).  If your child struggles to tell you the correct time, you may want to invest in a cheap clock that you can easily adjust the hands on to practice more with your child.


Give your child combinations of dollar bills and coins to count for you.  You can also practice money word problems by asking questions such as, “If you have 4 dimes and 6 pennies, how much money do you have?”  Letting your lower elementary child practice working with money sets a good foundation for the new school year.

You can ensure that your child is ready for the coming school year by spending a little time each day reviewing the math that they learned last year.  While our last post discussed reviewing with upcoming Kindergarteners, our next post in the series will give you some review ideas for your upper elementary children.

What other skills do your review with your lower elementary children over the summer?

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