Candy Corn Math Activities

There are so many activities inspired by the use candy corn that make learning math at home enjoyable! This last post in our series will cover a few more activities of a varied nature as well as provide resources for even more math candy corn fun!

Candy Corn Math Activities

I loved the idea of using candy corn as a form of measurement. In this example, the candy corn is used to measure, “how tall is the witch?” This could then be a springboard for your children to measure other Halloween or fall inspired pictures. You can have them then make predictions on which pictures are “more candy corns taller or shorter” than others. This is an activity that would be good for introducing units of measurement to your children.

A creative dice rolling game, has children place the candy corn as markers on numbers on a number line. Once they roll that number with the die (or dice), and if they have a candy corn marker on that number, they are allowed to eat it. The first one to eat all of their candy corn wins! As an alternate, they could place the candy in a cup they had decorated to use as part of the game.

Here are more great candy corn math activities:

Have you tried any of these candy corn math activities at home with your children? What was their favorite activity?

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