Candy Corn Math – Estimation

Candy Corn Math

Photo by: Scott McLeod

With fall now in full swing, the leaves changing, football games in action, and the weather cooling down, it would be fun to practice math skills at home using a fall theme. As an added bonus, candy corn is inexpensive and provides a tasty motivation for children to practice their math skills. When thinking about this idea of using candy for math, I was originally thinking of estimation and addition, but quickly realized the ENDLESS possibilities of using candy corn to practice math skills. Whether you allow your child to eat this candy or just use it as an interesting tool, your child will find it a fun change from the usual counting devices. This series will provide you with a variety of activities to incorporate at different age levels as well as math skills that can all be done using fall and candy corn as the theme!

Estimation with Candy Corn

Estimation is one of the first activities that you could do with candy corn. This could be as simple as how many candy corn do you think are in the bag? (You can also buy candy corn in small individual packs as well.) Then, after having your child give an estimate, you can ask them how they derived that number. Then you can actually open the bag and count the number of candy corn pieces in the bag, or separate the bag into different jars. You can conclude with a discussion on “was there more or less” or “how could you more accurately predict the amount of objects in a bag in the future?” Not only does this skill help your child with estimation, it also focuses on counting, predictions, and greater than or less than.

What other estimation activities can you think of using candy corn?

Check back later this week for more in our series on candy corn math.

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