Capitalizing from Free Online Math Resources

Free Online Math Resources

Every parent or childcare provider has days when your child comes home and says,  “Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Laura, etc, I need help with my math homework.”  You then sit down with your child and they take out their homework and a majority of the time you can jump right in and help them to practice their skills and get their assignments done.  However, there are also those times where you feel like there is a big question mark over your head and you don’t know where to start.

Their textbook is the first choice to help you to help your child, but there are also many online resources that can also be very helpful and provide a more meaningful explanation for both you and your child to help them get their assignment done.

Free Online Math Resources

Khan Academy is one of the fastest growing and most popular free math resources online.  They have online videos broken down by grade level and by topic for 3rd grade all the way through college math courses.  There is also a “questions and answers section” where you can ask the educators at Khan questions about that specific topic.  These videos help to break down solving the problems step-by-step.

Another great online resource, especially for upper-elementary and higher level math, is Wolfram Alpha.  This website is an online computational engine.  You can type in a topic of a question or an exact problem and then it will produce a result and teach you how to solve that problem.  For example, I typed in to the engine “computing interest” and it gave me these results.

There are so many different online resources that you can use to help brush up your math skills for you and to help your child with their homework.

What are your favorite homework helper math resources?

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