Coin Games While You Wait

Coin Games

The lose change in your pocket or purse can also make for fun math activities while waiting.  One of the coin games you can play is a “Jenga” style game where you child can stack the coins that you have in a tower.  They can then count as they are building their tower how much it is worth.  Very similarly instead of making a stack,  you can have them make a snake that wraps around with the coins.

Another coin game is called Guess the Coins.  You can put a selection of coins in your pocket making sure you know what coins you put there and how much it is worth.  Then your child has to guess the amount you have in your pocket by asking questions like “Is it is greater than 20 cents?”  “Do you have more than 3 quarters?”  To make it more challenging, once they guess the amount, you can have them guess the types of coins you have in your pocket that add up to that amount.

Lastly, you can use the coins to play “store.”   You can have your child buy imaginary items from your store and then have them pay you using the exact amount of change.  You can also switch roles and then have your child count back the change they owe you when you pay more than the item is worth.

What other coin games do you play?  Look back tomorrow for more math activities you can play with your child while you are waiting.

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