Completing Math Homework on Google Docs

When you think of Google Docs, you traditionally think of documents that include written work like a letter, notes, or completing a digital worksheet for a class. However, did you know that your child could actually use Docs to do math? Built into the online program, you can add Greek letters, operators, relationship symbols, math operations and arrows.

In addition, by installing the Google Chrome extension called g(math), you can type and use voice commands to add formulas, statistical displays, graphs, or even show your work through the hand written digital tool. Google Chrome extensions are programs that run within the Google Chrome browser to enhance and extend what you can do within the browser.

The ability to add mathematical calculations within a Google Doc allows kids to be able to harness the advantage of sharing and collaborating in a digital environment while completing their math assignments. They can start Completing Math Homework on Google Docs and then share their assignments in a digital format, with their teacher’s permission, instead of turning in handwritten work or worksheets. In addition, technology is typically a motivator for students and can be used to encourage them to practice their math skills at home. This can also be a great tool for students who have motor disabilities that make it cumbersome for them to hand write to show their work in math.

How do you plan on having your child use Google Docs for math at home?

Photo by:Jeroen Bennink

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