Computer Programming and Math

In a previous post on learning about angles, I briefly mentioned the use of to learn math concepts. sponsors a challenge during a week in December for children all around the world to spend at least one hour learning about computer programming.  This year added additional levels with the themes of Star Wars and Minecraft.

Children use Blocky Code and Java Script in order to have characters fulfill missions that they program, like catching the storm troopers or sheering sheep. While on the surface they just look like fun and games, the programs actually require a lot of mathematical reasoning to determine directions, spacing, repetition, and consequences caused by actions (if…then statements).  Math conceptions like abstract reasoning, structure, addition, subtraction, precision, and problem solving are all covered within the lesson activities.    Additional Hour of Code lessons include themes like Frozen, Disney Infinity, and Angry Birds.

If you child has found the Hour of Code lessons engaging and beneficial to increase their mathematical and computer programming skills, they may also like the computer science fundamentals lessons. There are even lessons for early readers all the way up through high school all available for free.

What are you child’s favorite levels and activities on

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