Connect 4 Math Games

Connect 4 Math Game

Using the “old-school” game of Connect 4™, you and your children can have tons of math fun at home.  Simply put, you can teach your child using Connect 4 to make sequences, recognize patterns, count to four, use sorting and employ logic techniques.  This game can also be modified to practice other math skills.

Another idea would be to write on the pieces that go into the slots with additional numbers on them.  For example, you could write 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the pieces and then instead of having them “connect 4” they could “connect 10.”  This idea could be modified with using a different value of numbers or operations to modify the game and adjust the level depending on your child’s ability.  They can also fill up the columns and rows with the number tiles and then have them add up individually and then find a total.

Another math twist would be to play the game in the traditional way and in the end add the math twist by figuring out fractions.  For example, they could figure out how many pieces the winner used compared to the loser.  They can also figure out the fraction number of tiles that they used against the number of tiles that they have remaining

You can also use it to help your child learn to build equations.  Once they place a tile in with a specific number, they will have to write down an equation (of any sort) that would equal to that number.  Really, the ideas for combining Connect 4 and math are endless!

What other “old-school” games do you use at home to practice math skills with your child?


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