Counting Money

Even though we live in a world where people are increasingly using debit and credit cards to make purchases, children still need to understand how to count and use money.  However counting change can be extremely tricky for many children. It takes a lot of practice to enable children to count change without struggling.  The good news is that practice can be fun and engaging for your children.

Use Real Money

Probably the best way to get your children interested in counting money is to use real change. Most of us have change lying around the house somewhere that we will never spend.  So why not put it to better use by letting our children count it?

Set Up a Store

You can spread some of your child’s toys on a table or bookshelf. Label each toy with a price tag. Have your child choose the right change from your spare coins to buy back each toy.  Your child will have fun buying their own toys back from you!

Have a Real Store Experience

I’m sure you take your child to the store with you on a regular basis.  But how often do you let your child be in charge of the shopping trip? Next time you take your child to the store, give them a small budget to spend. $5 or $10 would be ideal. Let them pick out their own toys or snacks and then decide if they have enough money to make the purchase.  Then since they are paying in cash, have them double check the change they receive to make sure they have gotten the correct amount back.

Counting change is hard, but it can be fun too. You can keep your children interested and engaged by using real money and giving them real experiences to learn from.  What other fun things do you do with your children to teach them to count money?

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