Creating an Interactive Math Notebook for Home – Setup

Creating an Interactive Math Notebook for Home

Writing isn’t just for Language Arts class anymore!  One fun way to get your children engaged in math at home is to create an interactive math notebook.  In this series focusing on creating a math notebook, you will learn how to setup a math notebook, encourage your child to add interactive elements to their notebook, and how to use it as a reference to complete homework or review concepts for a quiz or test.  They can even use this notebook to make connections between various skills that they have learned throughout the school year.

Purchasing a Spiral or Composition Notebook

Start by purchasing a spiral or composition notebook.  On the front of the notebook, you can have your child design the cover to indicate that it will be their interactive math notebook.  Leave the first few pages in the front of the book blank.  The first page can be labeled “Table of Contents” and then each time your child adds a page into their book, they can add the topic to the table of contents and add a page number or numbers.

Creating Notebook Entries

Next, begin having your child create their entries in their notebook.  One way to organize the ideas would be to correlate the contents with what they are doing in the classroom.  Here is an example of a math notebook that was created over a year by a student in a classroom.  More ideas of content and activities will be included in the upcoming posts in this series.

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