Creating a Number Ladder & Play Dough Mats

Inspired by a blog I recently read, I thought the number ladder was an excellent resource for parents to be able to use at home with their children to practice basic number recognition as well as addition or subtraction.

Creating a Number Ladder

The number ladder is a strip of paper that is numbered from 0 to 10 (or higher for more complexity) that you print.  To hold up to day-to-day use it is suggested to laminate the strip.  Then on the left-hand side of the ladder, you punch holes at the top and the bottom to fit a pipe cleaner or string through the ladder.

You then attach one pony bead before tying or fastening the ladder.  The bead is then moved up and down to identify or solve a variety of math problems.  It is a great manipulative that is small enough to even take on the go.  Here is an example of a finished product on Mrs. Bohaty’s blog.

Play Dough Mats

SparkleBox also has many other hands-on printables for math and other subject areas.  I really liked the idea of their play dough mats.  You print and laminate the printable from their website, and then based on the math activity you would need to cut, mold, and create shapes to place on the math using play dough.  For example, the crocodile mat, you roll a die and then create the number of teeth based on the number that you roll.

There are tons of creative ideas on this site to have fun while practicing counting.

What are your favorite counting resources?

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