Developing Fun Summer Math Activities

fun summer math activities

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Developing Fun Summer Math Activities

After you have identified the topics and areas within mathematics that you would like to focus on helping your child to practice or master over the summer, you need to figure out fun ways for implementing it in their summer routine.  Think of things that you may be doing over the summer and see if there is a way of integrating math into the activity.

Money and Budgeting

Money and budgeting are easy to integrate into daily activities.  If you are going to the store, give your child a budget for the family groceries and see if they can meet that budget.  Younger children can even count the number of items you purchased.  For older children you can work with them on using coupons and calculating sales and savings.  If your child wants to redecorate their room during the summer, again give them a budget and go shopping for the new items.  As a challenge you can have your child calculate the amount of paint they will need to complete the project.

Summer Math Activities on the Road

If you are on the road this summer, there are many summer math activities to do while on the go.  Anything can be turned into a counting game for younger kids, how many cars, how many exits, how many miles.  Older children can solve math problems like how many miles per gallon you are getting on the highway and then how long it should be until you would need to fill up the tank.  They can also calculate distance and time to the destination.  At your destination, you can give your children a budget for the souvenirs that they are going to pick and then they can budget their money.  Here are more ways you can integrate math while you are on vacation.

How do you plan on implement summer math into everyday activities at home this summer?

Check back for more in this series on preventing the summer slide in math over the coming days.

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