Dividing Shapes Activities (Day 3)

Teaching your child to divide shapes will be one of their first experiences with division.  Make sure that the activities you do at home are fun and engaging as this will help to build a foundation for learning number division as they get older.  It will provide you with the “remember when we…” to refer back to when you are helping them with more difficult division problems.  It is also a pre-cursor to learning about fractions.

Dividing Shapes Activities (Day 3)

It is always fun to learn about dividing shapes by incorporating it into meal time.  You could divide a pizza in half, and then in quarters, and then into 8ths.  Additional foods that are easy to divide and are recognizable shapes include cakes, hot dogs, frozen waffle, oranges, and watermelon.

Another way to teach your child about shape divisions is by using worksheets with everyday items.  You then have them divide the shapes in half.  An extension would be to determine if you could equally split the shape even further.

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Article by Laura VanHellemont

Photo By Nick Sherman

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