Easter Math Activities

Easter math activities

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With Easter just around the corner, it would be a great time to make connections with math with an Easter theme.  Eggs and candies can all be used as themes for Easter math activities.

Easter Math Activities

One popular math activity is to use plastic Easter eggs for solving simple math problems.  The child has to match the answer written on one half of the egg, with the problem on the other half of the egg.  For younger children it is simpler to have the problem and answer on the same color top and bottom of the egg.  With older children, you can challenge them more by not having the color match the problem and answer.  You can write out subtraction, addition, multiplication, or even division problems on the eggs.  The more complex the problem will make it harder to solve.  For younger children, you could even have a written number on one half of the egg and have that number represented with dots on the other half of the egg.

Practice Counting, Patterns, and Color Recognition Skills

Using jellybeans and an empty egg carton, you can have your child practice their counting, patterns, and color recognition skills.  Take the carton and write a number in the bottom between 1 and 5 in a random order.  Then circle the numbers with a marker or crayon of the colors of the variety of jellybeans that you are providing for the activity.  Next, your child can take the jellybeans to count how many go in each corresponding pod or have them simply put colors in the corresponding spot. The activity can be made more complex by having the child match the number and the color.  They can then also see the variety of patterns that will appear with the different jellybeans.  Kids will love to play and eat their way through this fun math game so be sure the jellybeans are fresh and clean!

What other fun Easter math activities do you have planned this Spring?

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