Easter/Spring Themed Math Activities

Theme-based activities that incorporate practicing math skills are a great way to engage your child in learning at home.  There are many fun Easter/spring-themed activities for this season.

Easter/Spring Themed Math Activities

One activity is to use plastic eggs as a scavenger hunt.  Variations of this activity include taking the two halves of an egg and writing a math problem (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) on half of the egg and the answer on the other half.  Your child would then have to find them and pair the correct answers together.  A small reward for solving them correctly could even be provided.  The colors of the whole egg will provide hints as to the solutions.  For younger children, you could adapt this by writing the number value on one side of the egg and the visual “dot” equivalent on the other side.

There are also many “color by number” math activities with a spring theme.  Your child would solve the problems to then coordinate with a specific crayon color.  They then color in the page to finish the image.  Here are links to additional Easter/spring-themed worksheets including a variety of activities and math levels.

Another fun activity would be to have your child estimate how many Easter candies are in a specific jar or bag.  Then you can have your child chart the number of candies total, by color, or by grouping them in 5’s or 10’s.  After they do the math, they can then have a fun snack!  This can show your child that learning math can be fun.

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