Estimation with Sums, Differences, Products, Quotients

Estimation with Sums, Differences, Products, Quotients

To build upon our first post in this series about estimating, we are going to go one step further by outlining activities for practicing the skills of estimation with sums, difference, products, and quotients.  In this sort of practice, your child can round up or down based upon the whole numbers and then calculate the answer to the problem.  This will give them an overall estimate of the answer.  This is a great skill to learn so children can quickly estimate the answer and then when they actually calculate the answer, they know it should be around that number.

Estimation Games

Sheppard Software online has a fun game on summation estimation with rounding to the nearest 100.  In this Packman style game, your child will first have to round the two numbers and then add them together.  Once they add them together and get the solution that is the ghost that they have to “eat” in the game.  Once they clear all three ghosts with the correct answer, they move to the next level.  The website has the same game with products as well as other rounding and estimating activities.

Another fun estimation game would be to figure out how long and far it would be to drive to various cities around the U.S.  You can have them estimate the distance and how long it would take to travel, then figure out the exact distance using Google Maps, and then have them round both the time value and the distance value.  To make it more of a challenge, you can add several “legs” to your journey stopping in various cities.

What estimation activities have you planned for home learning? 

Check back for more about estimation and rounding in the coming weeks.

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