Fall Themed Math Activities

The fall is a great time to enjoy the shift to cooler temperatures and see the changes of the seasons.   You can combine the great weather and the seasonal changes along with fun math learning games to encourage your child to practice their math skills at home.

Here are a few fun math games that you and your child can enjoy this fall.

  • Estimate and count how many pumpkin seeds there are when you carve out your pumpkin. Then you can enjoy this fall recipe to roast the seeds with this easy recipe.
  • You can play another estimation game by guessing the diameter of the pumpkin. You can have them cut a piece of string to the length that they think the pumpkin is wide. You can even do this with several pumpkins while at the pumpkin patch or turn it into a family game where everyone gets to guess and the closest guess wins a prize. You could also do estimations of the weight of the pumpkin if you have a scale available to weigh.
  • Collecting fall leaves can be used in a variety of math activities. You can use them to sort and make a graph of the different colors and then you can then you those numbers to do addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. There are great extension math activities on this site all related to fall leaves.  It’s time to create some fall themed math activities!

What are your top fun fall math activities at home?

Photo by:   Tim Sackton

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