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Avoiding the Summer Slide in Math

While imbedding math into everyday activities is an important way to have children practice their math skills at home this summer, it is still beneficial if you can have them practice using a math workbook or flash cards.  These tools help children to improve their speed and accuracy for math facts that require quick recall.  The quicker they are able to solve simple subtraction, addition, and multiplication facts, the easier it becomes to solve more complex and multi-step problems as they get older.


For flashcards, you will want to look for a set that covers a variety of skills.  This set, by Brighter Child Flash Cards covers all of the basic elementary math facts that children need to know.  This set will be able to grow with your children and provides sets for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and money.  The math problem is on the front and the answer is on the back so that children can use these independently, with a sibling, or with a parent.


Summer Bridge is a popular workbook series that you can buy at any local bookstore or online.   This series has specific workbooks setup to help bridge the gap between school years.  They have a specific math series as well as a popular activities series.  These workbooks are Common Core aligned, which make them fall into step with what your child learned the past year and what they will be learning in the next year.

What traditional methods do you plan to use in helping your child to practice math this summer?

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