Fraction Faction

Fractions is always one of the most difficult math concepts for children (and even adults) to master.  When children are asked to look at fractions and determine if they are equal to, greater than, or less than other fractions, it becomes an even more complex topic.    Children may be asked to compare two number fractions or even pictures that show part of a whole that represents a fraction.  For example, they may be asked to compare the number 4/8 to half of a pizza pie that has been eaten and determine if 4/8 is equal, greater, or less than the pizza pie fraction.

Fraction Faction

If you need to brush up your fraction comparison skills, there is a great video on Home School  The teacher discusses how to compare fractions that have the same denominator or different denominators.  She uses different methods to help teach your child including using diagrams, number lines, and how to find a common denominator.  While this video will be great for you to learn the skills and then use the concepts learned from the video with your child, the woman’s speech pattern on the video may make it harder for children to follow along on the video.   It may be better for you to watch the video and then model what she does with your child or watch with the child to see if they are able to follow along

Once your child understands the concept on comparing fractions, online games are a great way for them to practice.  In the PBS Kids game, Melvin’s Make Match game, children have to compare both fraction photos and fraction numbers to determine which are matches (or equal to each other).  This is a great game for children to practice this skill.  This game even provides instructions to help the child master the skill before playing the game.

Additional games to practice this skill include:

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  2. Sheppard Software Fraction Games
  3. Math Playground – Comparing Fractions

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