Fraction Names – Combing Language Arts & Math

Another fraction activity for children who are creative would be to have them create their names and convert it to fractions.  Start by having your child artistically, in bubble-style letters,  fill an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper (or construction paper)with the letters of their name.  Depending on their level, you can have them just write their first name, first and middle, or first, middle and last names.  They then have to count how many letters are in their name in all.  This will be the denominator.  They should then separate the total amount of consonants and vowels in their name.  These will become the numerators.  For example, my first name, Laura would be 2/5 + 3/5 = 5/5=1.  The end activity would look similar to this.

Fraction Names – Combing Language Arts & Math

Comparing Fractions with Cards

Another fun home activity to practice fraction skills is to play the compare fractions game with cards.  For this activity, you need a deck or two of cards and a sheet of unlined paper with a line drawn across the middle of it.  The sheet of paper is used as the game card and the line is the fraction sign.  Then, you flip over four cards, two above the fraction line, and two below the fraction line next to each other.  These represent your numerators and denominators.  You then have your child reduce the fractions if needed, compare the fractions, and determine which fraction is larger, smaller, or if they are equivalent.  You may want to have scratch paper handy and a pencil just in case your child would like to work on the reduction process on paper.

Learning fractions can be hands-on fun!

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