Free Online Games & Apps to Learn and Reinforce Problem Solving Skills

Free Online Games and Apps to Learn and Reinforce Problem Solving Skills

To end our series on problem solving skills, here are two free online resources that can help your child to learn and practice their problem solving skills.  Math Playground has several engaging games and resources for children to learn and practice solving problems online.  The games include Grand Slam Math, Word Problems with Katie, Thinking Blocks, Hoops, and Who Can Do the Math?  These games are engaging and as the child answers questions correctly they earn points. If they answer a question incorrectly, the game provides immediate feedback for the child.

In addition, they also have a complete bank of word problems for children in grades 1 through 6 in a non-gaming format and videos on how to solve a variety of word problems that show the step-by-step process for children in grades 3 through 6.  These would be great to use as beginning resources with your child before you have them practice through playing the games.

One of the most popular free math apps for practicing both math word problems and logic problems is called MathLands.  The six games included are Tower of Hanoi, Math Comics, Magic shapes, Ravine Crossing, The Frog Puzzle, and The Water Jug Puzzle.  Math Comics is the best game for practice for traditional style word problems.  On this game, a comic provides a story leading up to the questions involved in the problem solving.  They provide an area with manipulatives based on the theme of the question to help to solve the problem.  Once you enter and submit the answer, feedback it provided as to whether the question was answered correctly or to try again.  The game aspect is to try to figure out the answer to the problem as quickly as possible.  This game, along with the other games in this app, are very well designed, easy to use, and highly engaging.

Games are a great way to encourage your child to practice their problem solving skills at home.

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