Fun Activities for Learning Mean, Median, & Mode

Mean, Median, and Mode are three math skills that are typically taught beginning in the fourth grade.  These skills require students to have solid skills in addition, division, and number lines.

  • The mean is the average of a set of numbers;
  • The median is the number that actually lies in the middle of the set of numbers when they are placed in order from smallest to largest;
  • The mode is the number that is repeated within the set of numbers most frequently.

Free Math Learning Activities for Learning Mean, Median, and Mode

These three concepts are very important as they are skills that your child will use in their everyday life as they grow older.  To help you refresh on these skills, this page provides a great tutorial.  One fun way to help your child to begin to understand the concepts of mean, median, and mode is through song.  There is a fun video and song on YouTube set to the song Hey, Diddle Diddle that can help them learn the key terms and concepts.

The mean, median, and mode game online at Kids Math Games Online is a great game to help your child visualize the concepts.  They have to first line up buildings from shortest to tallest, then find the median.  To find the mode, you drag the buildings to match the various heights to tally how many of each there are in total.  Lastly, your child will have to determine the mean.  For this problem, you may want to provide your child with pencil and paper to work out the problem before answering.

Written by Laura VanHellemont

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