Fun Geometry Games

Learning geometry is usually fun for children.  They enjoy playing with shape blocks and using mirrors to learn about symmetry.  However, you may not have access to lots and lots of hands on materials to use with your children.  The good news is that you can find websites that act just like those same manipulatives to give your children the same experience.


A geoboard is simply a flat board with pegs set at intervals in it.  Students use rubber bands to make lines from peg to peg.  They can also stretch the rubber bands to make shapes on the board.  This program exactly duplicates the geoboard experience on the computer.  Children will drag and drop virtual rubberbands onto the online geoboard.  Even better though, the geoboard can be changed into different sizes and shapes.  You can also add numbers to the board to practice graphing as well.

Pattern Blocks

Instead of keeping a huge bin full of pattern blocks in your house, you can simply use this online pattern blocks program instead.  Children can easily add the shapes onto the screen with one click and then move them into place.  You can use pattern blocks to illustrate how shapes fit together to make new shapes, to practice making patterns, and to talk about the sides and angles of shapes.

Shape Surveyor

Your children will have fun practicing finding the area and perimeter of shapes with this game.  When your child correctly identifies the area and perimeter of a rectangle, they receive a piece of an archeological puzzle.  The game is won when all of the pieces are collected!

Your children will have fun practicing their basic geometry skills with these fun online games.  What other programs do you use with your children to teach geometry?

Photo by: Dominik Wagner

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