Fun Winter Math Ideas

Many times a math concept has to be practiced over and over again before a child fully understands it. While this is important, it can also be boring for the child (and the parent). You can make the repetitive practice more fun for your child simply by changing the materials you use to fit the season.  Here are some fun ways to winterize your math lessons.

Use Winter Math Manipulatives

Whether you are counting, adding and subtracting, or developing number sense, you can make it more interesting by using some winter objects. You can use mini marshmallows or cotton balls (like snowballs) to practice counting, adding, and subtracting. You could also use different sized marshmallows to review place value. Mini marshmallows equal one, regular sized marshmallows are worth ten, and the giant marshmallows would equal one hundred. What a fun way to work on renaming or place value! And if you let your child drink hot chocolate while they work with marshmallows, they will be even more happy!

Go Outside

Another fun way to practice math concepts is by bundling up and going outside. A blanket of new snow is a great canvas for practicing the basic geometry concepts. Your child can jump in on spot to make a point, walk across the whole yard to make a line, and draw shapes in the snow. You can also have your child make parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and types of angles in the snow. Of course if you don’t have snow, you can still practice those same geometry concepts using sidewalk chalk.

So if you or your children are bored with the normal math lessons, put on those coats and mittens and take your lesson outside. Then come back inside for some hot chocolate and marshmallow math. What other winter items can you use to practice math concepts?

Photo by:  Selena N. B. H.

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