Fun with Shapes

Teaching children about shapes can be a fun adventure. There are so many interesting ways to introduce or review the shape names.  You can use these activities to introduce a lesson on shapes.  They would also be a fun review before a test or even an interesting assessment after the lesson is over.

Shape Scavenger Hunt

Have your child search for specific shapes around your house.  If your child is reading already, you can give them a list of shapes to find.  A non-reader can have the shapes drawn in a list, or you could just tell them each shape as they find them. Sticky notes would make this activity even more fun. Simply give your child the list in sticky note form. (Write one shape on each sticky note.) Instead of just finding the shapes, have your child put the correct sticky note on the shapes they find.

Shape Art

Start with basic shapes on a blank piece of paper. You can draw the shapes for your child or have them draw the shapes themselves. I recommend tracing over the shapes with a black marker. Then let your child use the shapes already on the paper to make a picture.  This allows them to use their creativity and imagination to create a picture from shapes already drawn on the paper.

Matching with Shapes

Cut several pieces of construction paper into squares. On each square write the name of a shape. Draw the matching shape onto another square. Once you have drawn and written several shapes, shuffle the cards. Lay them all face down and you are all ready for a fun game of memory! (To play memory, the first person turns over two cards. If the cards are a match, that person gets to keep the two cards. If they are not a match, lay the cards back face down. Then the next person has a turn choosing two cards to turn over. The game continues until all the cards have been matched up. Whoever has the most matches at the end is the winner.)

Your child will love practicing their shapes with these fun activities! After all, what child doesn’t love art projects and games?

Photo by: Ella’s Dad

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