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math flashcards

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Math Flashcards

Flashcards are a necessary part of every child’s life.  After all, memorizing the basic math facts is one of the keys to succeeding in math.  But math flashcards don’t have to be boring and repetitive. There are several games you can play with your child to make learning math facts fun.

Beat the Clock

The only thing needed for this game is a simple kitchen timer.  Set the timer for a minute or two. Then have your child see how many math flashcards they can answer correctly in that time.  Record the score, and then set the timer again.  Your child will love trying to beat their own score each round.

Flashcard Bingo

Make a simple bingo chart with answers to the flashcards your child has been working with.  (This game works especially well if your child has several facts they struggle with more than others.  Putting those answers on the chart allows you to focus just on those facts.)  Your child calls out the answer to the math fact shown on the card.  If the answer is on the bingo chart, he can stamp or color that space.  When your child gets four or five spaces in a row (depending on the size of your chart), he calls out bingo.  You could even then give him a small prize like a piece of candy. Of course, he should only be able to color in the space if they get the fact answer correct!

Flashcard Memory

Separate out several sets of math flashcards that have the same answers. (Example: 5+3, 4+4 and 2+5, 3+4)  Mix up those flashcards and lay them out face down.  Have your children (or you and your child) take turns turning over two flashcards.  Say the answer to each fact.  If the cards are a match (they have the same answer), the person who’s turn it is may keep the match.  If they are not a match, turn the cards face down again. The next person would then take a turn.  Continue turning over cards until all the matches have been found.  The child with the most matches wins the game.

Repetition is important when memorizing math facts, but turning math flashcard practice into math games makes it fun for your child.  How do you make flashcards fun?

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