Grocery Store Math

Grocery Store math

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Grocery Store Math

Of all the things your child hates to do, going to the grocery store probably tops their list.  Shopping can be a boring experience for a child, but it can also be a good time to introduce your child to some real life math problems for children of any age.

Number Recognition

There are numbers everywhere in a grocery store. Point out a number on a sign and have your child identify the number.  Your child can also look at the signs themselves and count how many times a certain number is repeated.  You could change the number for each aisle of the store.  Children who are a little older can practice reading the two digit numbers they see.  The could also practice reading the money amounts as they are written on the signs.


If your child has already learned rounding in school, this is a good place to practice that as well.  Choose numbers off the signs, and have your child round them to the ones place, tens place, or the closest whole dollar amount.


Choose a food price and use two of the numbers on it to make an addition or subtraction fact.  Once you say the fact, your child can then give the answer. You could even let your child choose the next sign to use if they get the problem correct.

Young children will enjoy making a game out of being in the store, even if the game is math related! Grocery store math – part 2 will give you more ideas geared toward older children.

How do you use the grocery store as a teaching time?

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