Hands-on Counting Activities

Blocks are a very versatile manipulative that you most likely have at home already that can be used for so many different types of counting activities.  While playing with the blocks you could have your child skip count by 2’s or 5’s using the blocks to show you the amount as they say the numbers aloud.  You can also use the blocks to display numbers that they can add together to make ten.  Showing them that there are many different numbers that can be combined together to make ten.  Here are addition math activities that you can do with blocks.

Hands-on Counting Activities

Smartfirstgraders.com has an annotated list of various activities to do with your child to practice their counting skills.  All of the activities include directions and even activity cards, game boards, and other printables to go along with the activities.  Activities include topics like counting to 100, counting backward, skip counting, and ordinal numbers.

For a more structured activity if you child is having difficulty, you may want to use re-teaching worksheets.  These are used when you see that your child is struggling with a skill and provides more background knowledge to then build back up to the original skill.  On this site you can find worksheets you can print out for your child to build counting skills.  Available worksheets include counting on, counting from a greater number, doubles, and counting backward.

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