Hands-on Fraction Games

Learning about fractions is one of the areas where students struggle in elementary school level math.  If you can make practicing fractions at home fun and engaging while incorporating kinesthetic activities, your children can have a fun time while learning.

Hands-on Fraction Games

Fraction Hopscotch

A great hands-on game for girls is fraction hopscotch.  This can be an outdoor game drawn with chalk on a sidewalk or driveway or can be done indoors with a bit of painters tape.  Create a hopscotch chart similar to this.   As you jump from zero and get larger, you add the fractions together and then reduce them.  If you jump backward, then you would be subtracting fractions.  This fun activity can also be used to teach your child about the different fraction marks on a ruler.

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Article by Laura VanHellemont

Photo By Brandon Koger

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