Integrating the Metric System in Everyday Activities

One of the best ways for you to help your child learn the metric SI system at home is by incorporating hands on activities in tasks that you actually do every day.   On the website Home Grown Learners, a homeschool parent/teacher provides numerous hands-on fun activities to “trick” kids into learning about the metric system.  Some of the activities include baking, reading product labels, reading math stories, and measuring toys like chains of Legos that are interconnected.  On all of the activities, you can also have your child convert the measurement up and down using SI Units or even between SI and English units.

Integrating the Metric System in Everyday Activities

There are also games that you can play at home to help your child practice using the metric scale.  eHow has a great article on four different games that you can play at home.  The first game is to guess the weight of various household items (or it could even be toys).  First, have your child guess how much they think it weighs, and then you can use a digital kitchen scale to help measure the mass.  You can then have them convert between SI units or between SI units and Customary units.  Other activities include trivia games and creating obstacle courses and scavenger hunts.

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