Keeping Math Fresh This Summer

Teachers and parents alike will tell you that students are forgetful.  And many times, they forget some of what they have learned during the school year over the summer months.  You can keep math fresh in your child’s mind with some fun and easy methods.

Download Math Apps

Children are more than likely going to spend at least some time every week using a tablet or smartphone of some kind.  You can use this time to keep math fresh in their minds by downloading some of these fun math apps.

  • Rocket Math – This app requires children to solve a variety of math “missions.” Each mission then allows the children to build spaceships and blast into outer space.
  • Math Ninja – If your child is interested in fighting bad guys, then this is the app for him.  The child fights off an evil tomato villain and his robot army by solving math problems.  Also solving enough problems gives your child the opportunity to upgrade weapons and ninja equipment for even more fun.
  • Math Soccer – This soccer game allows students to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems in three difficulty levels while playing a fun game of soccer.

Play Games with Math Facts

Lots of fun summer games can be adapted to include math facts or skills.  Almost any game can become a math game if you include flashcards.  Just require your child to answer a flashcard correctly before their turn.  Make sure you answer a flashcard correctly on your turn too though!  There are several other fun math games that you can play with your child as well.

Use Math Worksheets

As much as worksheets don’t sound like fun, they are a great way to review specific skills or concepts that your child struggles with.  Often you can even customize the worksheet to cover exactly what you need. has thousands of printable worksheets for any grade and skill.  You could print off one worksheet for every day and have your child complete the worksheet as part of their chores for that day.  Making it an everyday task will not only keep math fresh all summer long, but it will also make it less of a hassle for you to enforce.

You can keep math fresh in your child’s mind all summer long.  Make practicing math both fun and a daily routine.  You will be surprised how many skills and concepts your child remembers!

Photo by: U.S. Army CERDEC

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