Math Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Themed Math Activities

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there are many ways to incorporate math activities at home with the theme of love and caring.

Math Activities for Valentine’s Day

One popular activity to do with your children is to use a box of the candy hearts to determine how many of each color are in the box.  You could do this by placing the candies on a paper bar graph and this will give you a visual of which color has the most and least.  To extend this activity, you could then figure out the fraction or percent of each color.  For example, there are 8 pink hearts out of 34 total hearts or 8/34 or 23.5%.  You can also do addition or subtraction problems by adding up the different colors (add the blue and pink hearts, how many are in all?) or by subtracting hearts by eating them!  If you have multiple children doing the activity with several boxes of the candy you can then compare the amount and colors between the different boxes.

Another math activity would be to learn about symmetry by creating paper hearts to turn into decorations.  All you have to do is fold a piece of construction paper and half and show your child how to cut the half of the heart and then when they open it up it becomes a whole heart, fold it back again and it shows the line of symmetry!  For younger children,  you can draw the outline they would cut on to give them a guide.  To them turn them into decorations you have them write messages on the hearts and then hole punch throughout the top and tie a string to hang them around the house.  Besides working on math skills they also get practice with fine motor skills.

What are your go to math activities for Valentine’s Day?

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