Math Field Trips for Summer

math filed trips: summer bowling

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Math Field Trips for Summer

Fields trips are the most looked forward to days of any school year.  Kids and teachers alike get excited by the thought of spending the day outside of the classroom.  It doesn’t even matter where the field trip is as long as they are not in school!  Just because summer has started doesn’t mean the field trips have to end.  In fact, taking day trips throughout the summer can be a great way to keep math concepts fresh in your child’s mind.  So where can you go and how can you use math on those trips?


Now I realize that most bowling alleys today have electronic scoring which doesn’t involve any math for the bowlers.  If you can find one, you might want to look for an alley that doesn’t have electronic scoring.  (It will probably also be cheaper.)  There are several ways to review math at the bowling alley.  The most obvious one is to have your children take turns keeping score.  Each child could add up their own score, or you could have a child keep score for a whole game and then switch for the next game. (Wikihow has a great article on scoring bowling in case you have forgotten the rules.)  You could also have your child figure out the cost of several games of bowling including shoe rentals.  This is essentially a multiple step story problem using money.

The Beach

Spending the day at the beach doesn’t usually inv very much math, but there are plenty of math activities that you could do after returning home.  One fun activity would review sorting and graphing.  Have your child collect a bucket full of interesting things from the beach to bring home.  They could collect shells, rocks, seaweed, or even driftwood pieces.  At home practice sorting by grouping the items by different characteristics.  You could sort the items by size, by color, or by what they are.  Once you have sorted them for the last time, line the items up next to each other like a bar graph.  You could then compare the amounts of the various items.

These are just two examples of summer field trips that could be used to review math.  What other trips do you use for review in the summer?

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