Math Games with an Uno Deck


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Uno Deck

Uno is a popular card game that children and adults play.  It is a great game to learn skills like following rules, colors, and numbers.  Playing the game by the official rules can help children practice early math skills like identifying numbers and basic counting.  Using this deck of cards to play other math games can help your children to practice even more math skills.

Flip 10

One popular twist using these cards for practicing addition skills is called “Flip 10.”  First you have to remove any of the specialty Uno cards like skips, and draw fours to just leave the numbered cards.  Then you lay the card face down into a memory-like pattern.  Then each person takes a turn flipping two cards.  If they add up to equal ten, then you keep the cards.  The winner will be the one with the most cards at the end.  You can change this game up to have the number equal up to different numbers or even use subtraction, multiplication or division used as the operation.

To make this game simpler you can just have your child play memory matching like numbers or cards.  For this game you can add back in the skip and reverse cards to have fun skipping turns or reversing the order of play.

Place Value War

Another game you can play is a variation on War referred to as “Place Value War.”  You split the deck of cards, removing the special cards, in half between the two players.  Instead of flipping just one card over to see who has the higher card and wins, you actually flip over 3 (100’s) or 4 (1,000’s) cards to increase the place value.  You have to choose as you are flipping over the card the placement of the card before you see the next card to try to build the largest number possible.  The person who builds the largest number ends up collecting all of the cards.

All of these games are fun and engaging while practicing math skills and can be done on the go.

What are fun games that you play with a deck of Uno cards?

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