Math Games with Dominoes

Math Games with Dominoes

Using toys, games, and craft supplies that you have at home already and repurposing them for academic math games with your child is fun way to engage them in summer learning.  Dominoes lend themselves to be easily adapted for math games.  Here are some ideas for using dominoes this summer to reinforce your child’s math skills.

Domino Parking Lot is a free downloadable game board that can be used with dominoes for counting and addition.  Younger children can match the number of dots on the domino to the number written in the parking lot.  Multiples can be stacked on top of each other, and they can also see how different combinations of the dots equal to make the same number.  Older children can use the math to show how various dominoes can be combined together in addition problems that are provided by you.

Another fun game for older children is called Muggins.  This game is played by laying the dominoes out in patterns where you must match one of the sides of the line of the last tiles placed.  You only earn points if the domino values on the end are a multiple of 5 (or 10 depending on your rules).  The goal is to learn counting, values, multiples, and even score keeping as the games continue to build.  More thorough directions can be found on the website link above.

Below are more engaging domino math games and activities that you can play with your children at home this summer.

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