Math Homework Help Tips

Math Homework Help Tips

Another way that a parent can help their child with learning math is by helping with math home learning assignments.  Sometimes parents shy away from helping with this type of math homework for two different reasons.  First, they feel they are not competent enough to help and the other is that they will end up doing all of the work for their child.  It is best to find a balance between helping and doing as well as building up enough confidence to help your child or to find someone who can assist.  This will help to build a positive relationship with math.

When helping your child with math problems at home, it is important to model the correct method of solving the problems.  Using the child’s textbook, you can read over the material that they are learning in order to help model the instruction based on the learning methods they are using in school.  This helps to build consistent methods.  Showing your child practice problems can then help them to solve the problems on their own.  Then have your child work through the problems while you are double-checking their work to help them make corrections.  It is important for them to also double-check their work so that they do not rush through their problem solving and make careless mistakes.

If there is a topic that you are unsure about how to teach, you can ask for help from older siblings, your partner, a fellow parent with a child in the same class, the teacher, or possibly even a tutor.  There are many people you can ask to help out so that you can provide your child with the learning help that they need in order to be successful in their math learning.  You can also employ the techniques that were discussed in the previous posts in this series about educating yourself using online resources and videos.

Homework is designed to provide additional practice for your child to master math concepts.  Trying to make it interesting and fun at home will help to build their math confidence.

What methods do you use at home to help your child with their math homework?

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