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Do you have one of those children that hates doing math every day?  Do they act like you are torturing them when they have to complete even a few problems?  Possibly one of these simple ideas can help motivate your child to complete their math faster (or at least with less complaining).

Grade Their Own Math Papers

It’s amazing how a child will get so excited over the simplest things.  Once your child has finished their math page for the day, give them a red pen. Then let them look at the answer key and mark each problem with either an X or a C for wrong or right.

Use a Calculator

If your child has more than one math page (and if their teacher is fine with this), you could let your child use a calculator for the second page.  However, I would only use this as an award if they get the majority of the problems on the first page correct.

Give Math Homework Passes

Encourage your child to do their best even on something they don’t like by rewarding correct papers.  Keep track of days when your child meets a certain criteria on their math papers.  The goal could be all the problems correct or even  80 or 90 percent of the problems right.  Tell your child that they will be rewarded for meeting their goal four or five days in a row.  Possible rewards are a day off from math, not having to do the second math page that day, or having extra recess or free time.

If your child hates math, try one of these ideas.  If it doesn’t motivate your child with their math, try a new idea.  It’s possible that one of these tricks will be just the thing to push your child to work harder or better during their math class.

What do you do motivate your child in math?

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