Math – Renaming Review

Renaming is one of those math skills that your child will use over and over again in every math class they take.  So how can you help your struggling child understand this important skill better?

Use Concrete Renaming Examples

Young children especially often have trouble understanding a concept that they can’t see in front of them.  You can give them touchable examples using any small object.  Start with a number of objects between 11 and 19.  Have your child count the objects.  Once they tell you how many objects are in front of him, have him separate 10 of the objects into a different group.  Doing this over and over should help your child see that we separate out groups of ten when we rename.  Also have your child tell you how many objects are left after the 10 have been removed.

Simple Renaming Numbers

The next step would be to have your child practice renaming without objects.  Write a number between 11 and 19 on a piece of paper.  Have your child split that number into 10 + whatever number is left. (18 would be 10 + 8.)  Practice this with different numbers until your child masters it.

Simple Addition Renaming

Finally move onto renaming after adding.  Give your child a two digit addition problem like 27 + 36.  Have your child add the ones place (7 + 6) and tell you what answer he gets (13).  Then have them verbally tell you how how many would be left if he took away 10 (3).  Show him that the three is left in the ones column and the one group of ten is moved to the tens place by putting a 1 above the tens place column.  Continue to practice this with different addition problems.

Renaming is hard for some children, but it is not impossible.  Encourage your child to keep practicing and trying.  Once they understand, it will be a skill that they will use throughout the rest of their school years.

What tricks do you have for explaining renaming?

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