Math Supplies for Learning at Home

By creating a space for math supplies, you can create a math investigation area at home.  This will help your child to authentically interact and solve math problems on demand with their own math supplies. This would be similar to how a reading nook encourages you child to read and a math investigation area can encourage them to practice math.

Depending on your child’s age, different items might be kept in your math investigation area, but overall, it should be a comfortable space with items within reach that promotes math learning. Activities and manipulatives could also be changed out over time and also include theme-based activities based on holidays or seasons.

Some easy supplies to keep in the math investigation area include: a measuring tape, small scale, pipe cleaners, pony beads, empty egg carton, tangrams, and foam numbers. These manipulatives can be used to do a variety of activities like sorting, patterns or practicing math facts. Another essential item is to include something to write with or write on. It could be a journal and colored pencils, a small marker board and dry erase markers, or even an old-school chalk board and chalk.

This area will promote a positive expectation of learning and practicing math at home. What items do you have around the house that you could use to build a children’s math investigation area at home?

Photo by: Jimmie

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