May the “4th” Be With You – Math Activities

May the 4th Be with you

May 4th is a fun day to celebrate with Star Wars themed learning activities.  At home, this would be a way to tie in practicing math skills for young boys (and girls) who are really into Star Wars, Clone Wars, and science fiction.  Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate.

Here are some word problems based on star wars “facts” for your child to solve.  These few questions would be ideal for upper-elementary students.

Another fun activity would be to practice math skills using the Star Wars math video game, Jabba’s Game Galaxy.  While on the expensive side of video games, this game has received great feedback from parents and children. Reviews state that is engaging and challenging, but not so hard that children struggle.  This game involves the Star Wars theme that your ship has crash landed and you need to solve the math problems correctly to earn points to buy the parts you need to fix your ship and get back home.  Math topics include equivalency, fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, place value, and geometry.  This game can be used with all elementary aged children.

Simple activities that you could do at home could include watching the movies or TV shows and asking math related questions.  Some examples could include, how many droids did you see?, discussing how fast lightspeed really is, and how long it would really take them to travel in space?  Another topic you could discuss is shapes.  For example, what shapes could you put together to build a droid like R2 or C3PO.

These activities are fun ways to get your children practicing their math skills.

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