Measurement & Data – Activities Using Food

The first step in learning about measuring and representing data is by collecting the data.  Collecting data can be a fun activity to do at home.  One idea would be to have your child use a cereal or candy that has a variety of colors like Fruit Loops , M & M’s or Skittles.  You can give them a measured amount of the food, and then have them organize them by color.  They can then compare the quantities of each of the different colors.

When comparing the quantities, you can use a simple paper graph for them to create a 3d bar graph by stacking the quantities of colors up the graph on the paper.  This site has a graphing sheet as well as follow up questions based upon their sorting.

A way to incorporate reading, math, and measurement and data is to read the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and then follow up with a data and graphing activity using the Goldfish Colors crackers.  Giving them a serving of the fish, they can use the graphing sheet to see how much of each color they have.  In addition to collecting their data and graphing, these are great activities for practicing counting and addition.

The best part of these activities is in the end they get to enjoy their fun snack!  As they are eating away, they can also see the changes that happen to their graphs and practice their subtraction skills. Of course, you will want to keep their workspace in an area that is clean and appropriate for food.

What are your fun activities that use food to practice measuring and graphing data?  Check back next week for more on this series of measurement and data.

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