Median – Simplifying Statistics

Finding the Median of a Set of Numbers

When finding the median of a set of numbers, you first start by putting the numbers in order from lowest to highest.  The middle number of this set of number is then the median.  If there is an even amount of numbers in the set, then you average the two numbers together that would be at the midpoint.  A real world example of using median would be to find the median wages within a city or for finding the median age of a group of people.  You can even use this to find the median score on a test to determine if you did better (or worse) than the other half of the class.

Statistics Games

A fun game you can play at home is called Dynamic Data, where you can practice with your child on calculating median, mode, and the range of a set of numbers.  Using the spinning board, you spin the wheel to determine if you are to find the median, mode, or range of the set of numbers (of the 5 number cards they draw from the deck).  If the answer is correct, then they get to cover a piece on their bingo board that corresponds with the type of answer they calculated.  If the answer is incorrect, then that player loses a turn.  The first player to fill the row across, up, or diagonal wins.

Do you have any fun games that help your child to practice at a home?

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