Metric System Online Games & Apps

Games are also a great way to get your child engaged in learning.  Playing online games to practice their skills of the metric system can be very engaging and motivating for children.  They are provided with automatic feedback and rewards for doing well.

Metric System Online Games & Apps

To have some fun, you can play Rags to Riches.  In this game children have to answer the questions correctly to earn money.  Whenever they answer their question wrong, they have to start back at the beginning.

A great game for younger learners is Fun Brain’s Measure It.  The object of the game is to read the correct number of centimeters that are marked on the ruler.

The Splash Math (3rd grade) app for the iPad is also a great game resource for learning play.  This app has a wide variety of math games for 3rd grade students.  This includes a game where children can practice converting numbers using the metric system.  The full version of the game is costly for an app, but it covers all of the math skills for 3rd grade.

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