Money and Temperature Estimation Skills

Money Estimation

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In the previous posts within this series, you learned about various activities to help practice various estimation skills.  Money values and temperatures are real-life examples of when we use rounding and are important skills for children to learn.  When estimating money, they can predict how much something with cost or how much everything will cost in all.  For temperature, they can estimate to the nearest ten on the temperature it will be outside.  These can be applied to spending of their allowance or for how they should dress for the day.

Temperature Estimation Skills

One way to practice with temperatures is to read the daily newspaper weather section or to use an online or app source like  They can see the daily forecast for your area as well as other areas around the country and world.  You can have them round the temperature up or down and then ask them the type of clothes or activities they could do in that area based upon the results.

Money Estimation and Rounding

For money rounding, shopping is always an easy activity.   With their allowance, you can have them estimate how much money they have and what they can buy with that amount of money.  Then you can actually go to the store to see if they were right and if they can purchase what they wanted.  For a grocery trip with older children, you can have them round the price of the products that you place in the cart, add them up and then give a estimate of what the total bill will be at checkout.  They can then compare that to what the actual bill was and see how close their prediction was to their estimate.

Do you have any hands-on estimation activities that you use to practice with money and temperature? 

Check back for more about estimation and rounding in the coming weeks.

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