Number Line Activities for Addition & Subtraction

Children learn how to use the number line as early as pre-school. As they progress in school, they continue to use the number line to help them understand simple to complex number functions.  Real numbers are placed on the line based on their value around the origin.  The origin is zero.  Each number on a number line is called a coordinate.  Since this skill is repeatedly taught at so many grade levels with increasing difficulty, it is an important skill practice with your children at home.  You will find additional activities in this blog over the next few days to help your child be successful at building their number line skills.

Motion Math Zoom App

Motion Math Zoom App

The Motion Math Zoom App is a great game for children to practice placing numbers on a number line.  This game has a variety of levels that will challenge children from as early as four years old all the way through elementary school.

In this app, children are given a number that they have to place in the correct area on the number line.  Easy lessons have the place a whole number on the positive number scale by swiping back and forth on the iPad.  More advanced levels include three digit numbers, decimals, and negative numbers.  This app is very engaging and has great graphics.  As the numbers get larger, so do the animals that are used in the animations (elephants) and as the number get smaller, so do the animal animations (ants).

Stay tuned for part II of this series!

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